About Us

As a professional manufacturer of calcium carbonate masterbatches (concentrates) for plastic industry with the production facilities in Vietnam BEENPLAS specializes in manufacturing and global supply of calcium carbonate filler masterbatches (also referred to as filler masterbatchesfiller additivesfiller concentrates).

Keeping the pace with the global growth of the plastic industry, we cater to the needs of plastic products manufacturers around the world with high quality and low price filler masterbatches.

Our quality management system ensures proper lab and online control of raw materials and production process. To make our filler masterbatches, we use only high quality virgin polymers and additives of known chemical brands as well as one of the world's purest calcium carbonate made in Vietnam. We use advanced compounding technology and efficient proprietory formulations to achieve high consistency and quality of our calcium carbonate masterbatches

The most important thing for masterbatch quality development and tailor-making is a professional staff. Our team can boast of most skilled chemical engineers to ensure we develop the most technically efficient and cost-effective formulations as well as keep stable production and product quality.

We're strong in tailor-making of fillers and welcome international customers to build mutually beneficial cooperation!