Calcium carbonate filler for nonwoven materials

CaCO3 filler for non-wovens

We offer special grade CaCO3 filler mastrebatch for non-woven fabric.

Latest developments and researches made by calcium carbonate makers outlined a number of benefits of use of CaCO3 fillers in non-woven fabric intended for hygiene, medical, personal care, geotextile, industrial and many other applications.


Calcium carbonate filler for extrusion of yarn and twine

PP twine

One of the main issues the producers of weaving tapes (yarn) and twine face during production is a so called fibrillation effect – an uncontrolled splitting of stretched PP/PE yarn (tape). Using calcium carbonate in the composition helps to reduce or completely avoid fibrillation. Slight modification of your original formula by adding 3-4% of calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is enough to solve the problem.


Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch in injection molding

Calcium carbonate masterbatches based on PP are widely used in plastics industry for manufacturing outdoor (summer) furniture and household appliances, containers, boxes, buckets and so on.

There is no need to modify existing injection molding machines or significantly change machine settings. Depending on existing formulation and specific product application plastic processor can add up to 50% of filler masterbatch into PP resin.


Cheap calcium carbonate filler masterbatches

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatches we offer is the most effective cost-saving solution for worldwide plastic processors.

CaCO3 filler masterbatch not only cuts down plastic production costs by replacing a part of virgin polymer during extrusion, injection and blow molding, but also increases output, improves production conditions as well as a number of physical and chemical properties of finished plastic products.

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