Calcium carbonate filler for extrusion of yarn and twine

PP twine

One of the main issues the producers of weaving tapes (yarn) and twine face during production is a so called fibrillation effect – an uncontrolled splitting of stretched PP/PE yarn (tape). Using calcium carbonate in the composition helps to reduce or completely avoid fibrillation. Slight modification of your original formula by adding 3-4% of calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is enough to solve the problem.

Other benefits from using of CaCO3 filler in flat PP/PE yarn production:

  • Improved vertical tearing resistance and tensile strength of PP flat yarn in PP woven bags.
  • Anti-slip effect and facilitating winding.
  • Greater tensile strength of the yarn after stretching.
  • Stiffed yarn makes products firmer and more stable.
  • Higher lifetime of cutting blades because the amount of abrasive titanium dioxide as well as anti-blocking and anti-slip additives can be reduced.
  • Self-cleaning of extruder and dies.
  • Increased output.