Calcium carbonate masterbatch for extrusion of films and sheets

Adding CaCO3 into original polymer formulations is the most economical way to improve the properties of LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE films and sheeting.

The following product benefits will be achieved:

  • Higher blocking and slip resistance.
  • Greater tensile strength of film after stretching.
  • Improved mated surface for printing.
  • “Food Contact Use” compliance due to absence of toxic components.
  • Higher quality of folding and creasing.

According to market data of worldwide CaCO3 as well as filler masterbatch producers the concentration of calcium carbonate in films is commonly in the following ranges:

Breathable film                                   40-60%

Technical films and sheet                    4-20%

Packaging film                                    7-12%

Refuse bags                                       7-10%

Carrier bags, heavy duty bags              4-10%

Shrink wrapping                                    3-4%

Anti-blocking in films and sheeting         1-3%