How CaCO3 filler masterbatch allow cost saving?

Cutting down production costs with CaCO3

Economical befenits of use of calcium carbonate concentrates are not limited with simple displacing of a filled polymer resin. In a real production a number of factors connected with CaCO3 usage would lead to cumulative cost savings.

  • The price of calcium carbonate masterbatch is remarkably lower than those of virgin polymer being filled, hence virgin plastic displacement with CaCO3, at an optimal filling ratio, will result in noticable cost reduction of a polymer composition.
  • Natural whiteness of CaCO3 allows filler masterbatch to function as a white pigment, thus helping to reduce and, in certain cases, completely avoid addition of expensive TiO2 masterbatch.
  • CaCO3 filler masterbatches may also effectively substitute, partially or in full, some of expensive functional additives, for example, antiblock or antislip additives. Reducing filling ratio or fully replacing said functional additives and/or white masterbatch will contribute to extruders life extension since additives in question are harder than CaCO3
  • Using CaCOplastic processors will be able to shorten production cycle and increase extruder productivity, while reducing its load, thus saving energy costs.

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