benefits of using CaCO3

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch in injection molding

Calcium carbonate masterbatches based on PP are widely used in plastics industry for manufacturing outdoor (summer) furniture and household appliances, containers, boxes, buckets and so on.

There is no need to modify existing injection molding machines or significantly change machine settings. Depending on existing formulation and specific product application plastic processor can add up to 50% of filler masterbatch into PP resin.


Is calcium carbonate thermally conductive?

Calcium carbonate has remarkably higher thermal conductivity as compared to the polymer (6 and 14 times higher than those of HDPE and PP respectively). This means that the heat generated during plastic processing is transmitted through the mixture more quickly allowing faster heat transfer in extruder (faster melting & more homogeneous melt temperature), leading to potential energy savings during extrusion.

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