CaCO3 filler for non-wovens

Calcium carbonate filler for nonwoven materials

CaCO3 filler for non-wovens

We offer special grade CaCO3 filler mastrebatch for non-woven fabric.

Latest developments and researches made by calcium carbonate makers outlined a number of benefits of use of CaCO3 fillers in non-woven fabric intended for hygiene, medical, personal care, geotextile, industrial and many other applications.


Calcium carbonate (75% CaCO3) filler masterbatch for PP AF751P

Applicable for: 

AsiaFiller AF1751P is a highly filled calcium carbonate filler masterbatch containing fine pure CaCO3 in polypropylene matrix and special additives.

This filler masterbatch is intended to be added into polyolefin resins during extrusion, injection or blow molding to displace a portion of the resin, improve properties, cut costs.

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