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Calcium Carbonate in Blown HDPE Film

Many interesting developments have taken place in the film industry over the past few years due to new improved resins and the increased capability of extrusion lines.

Technical progress must however be subject to the cost factor and the use of mineral modifiers, especially calcium carbonate can play an important role. Most polymers are ductile but may become brittle under certain circumstances.


Calcium carbonate filler for breathable films

The use of mineral fillers in the fabrication process of breathable films has allowed a considerable development of these type of films, especially for hygienic films. 
Calcium carbonate is in this special case active ingredient giving the film special characteristics which allow it to breathe thanks to the network of micropores.

The whitepaper addresses use of calcium carbonate in breathable films covering market trends and product requirements.


Effect of Calcium Carbonate on specific film properties

The addition of minerals always affects the properties of film or sheeting. It is therefore all the more important for manufacturers to obtain precise information about the minerals they use.

This technical papers describes the effect of calcium carbonate on properties such as light transmission, light ageing, permeability to water vapour and other gases, and stress-crack resistance.


Improved processing of highly filled calcium carbonate compounds

Calcium carbonate treated with an interfacial agent such as stearic acid or a stearate is often used in place of untreated calcium carbonate to take advantage of improved lubricity and wetting characteristics. These characteristics typically lead to lower mixing viscosity, improved filler dispersion and better flow properties.

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